Private: Review of the Sabian AA Big Ugly Apollo 22inch Ride Cymbal

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Atlanta Jazz Band Booked for Wedding PartyI just picked up this cymbal. I was looking for a ride that had complex overtones, a clear bright bell with good stick articulation but that was also quiet.

I have been playing a 20” A Zildjan Medium Ride. It is a great cymbal but loud and bright. My trio, Atlanta Jazz Trio, plays private venues and small clubs that require dynamic subtlety and this cymbal really fills that need in a way no other cymbal has. It has all the attributes mentioned above and looks good too.

We play mostly 1950’s, styles with our modern interpretation. The music can be aggressive and this cymbal allows me to dig into it without it overpowering the piano. For ballads it has plenty of timbral complexity and the bell is very clear and cuts through for Latin styles.

I  saw the Ugly line at Guitar Center but I’m sure you will see them at a wide variety of stores soon.

Cymbals I play:

  • 14” K Light Hi Hats
  • 14” Zildjan Brilliant Hi Hats from early 80’s
  • 16” A Zildjan Medium Crash 1980’s (on the thick side) Great all around crash or as suspended cymbal
  • 16” A Zildjan Medium Crash 1980’s (thinner) I use it as a crash/ride with a sizzle chain for jazz
  • 18” Bosphorus Gold
  • 19” Amedia  D-Rock Half lathed half unfinished
  • 20” A Zildian Medium Ride, Great for bright clean, loud work. It has a very focused sound.


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